Fosroc® Auramix V200

Fosroc Auramix V200 is a chloride free, ready to use liquid admixture. It is a high performance concrete rheology modifying agent based on a unique polymer which is designed to be used with Fosroc’s polycarboxylate based Structuro and Auramix admixtures for high fluid concrete.

Fosroc Auramix V200 is designed to meet the contradictory requirements of contemporary concrete where high fluidity, retention for longer periods of time in backdrop of varying concreting materials properties, lack of binder content and higher dosage requirements of HRWR may result in undesirable properties such as segregation, Fosroc Auramix V200 keeps mixes fluid, uniformed and placing friendly in these demanding requirements

Reduces sensitivity to variations in moisture content in aggregates. Eliminate segregation and bleeding in mixes. Reduces pump pressure by decreasing plastic viscosity of concrete while keeping homogeneity and thereby reducing friction. Exhibits better passing-ability and pump-ability while keeps high fluid mixes homogeneous. No effect on setting time by Auramix V200, set time will be dictated by the HRWR or other admixtures used in mix. No effect on air entrainments. No effect on fluidity of mixes either in initial stage of the mix or in retention period. No adverse effect on early or later age strength. Exhibit better surface finish.

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