Conbextra Capsules


Conbextra Capsule is supplied as a ready to use dry powder encapsulated in a perforated skin, available in three grades - Fast, Medium and slow set. When required for use the capsule is submerged in water to allow sufficient water to be absorbed through the perforationsto form a non-shrink, thixotropic cementitious grout.

Additives in the grout impart controlled expansion characteristics, stabilise the grout and control the water uptake to ensure an optimum water powder ratio for high early strengths. The overall cohesiveness of the grout allows it to be used in wet conditions or even in moving water without excessive grout washout.

  • Reliability - Laboratory controlled pre-packed materials eliminate all problems of controlling grout mixing underground and thus minimise risk in achieving a full column grouted bolt or dowel.
  • Encapsulated - Grout pumping totally eliminated. Allows cost saving in labour and equipment.
  • Non-shrink - Expansion agents counteract shrinkage and ensure effective contact
  • Chloride free - Early strength development without the use of chlorides. Safe in use with embedded steel.
  • Thixotropic - Minimises grout loss from overhead holes or under conditions of running water.
  • Choice - Fast, Medium and slow set capsules available to meet strength development requirements in each situation.

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