Fosroc India CGS Seminar
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Cement Grinding Aids Techno Summit

Fosroc India recently held its Cement Grinding Aids (CGA) techno summit on April 25th in Chithorgarh, India with cement companies around the region attending the event.

Fosroc India Vice President  R Sai Krishnan welcomed the gathering, and spoke of the initiatives Fosroc India has taken to customise offerings to cement companies, to improve their production efficiency, achieve early strength and pioneer on performance enhancers.

Technical expertise of Dr Martyn Whitehead (Fosroc International Technology Manager) and Mr Fatzunnahar Ngopil (Fosroc International Business Manager) delivered key technical and commercial presentations on attributes of CGA and cement additives.  

Fosroc India are proving to be a key solution supplier for cement plants in India with their proven track record, technical expertise and their ability to provide bespoken solutions for performance enhancement and grinding aids efficiency.

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