Qatar’s popular meeting spot Souq Waqif, which is also the country’s most crowded spot, has now got a newly developed underground parking facility that can accommodate 2,000 cars at a time. Finding parking has always been a hassle at Souq Waqif, due to it being a top tourist destination in Doha and with the increasing vehicles on the road, it was clear that traffic was on the rise and the need of a car parking infrastructure was critica



The scope of specification was an epoxy coating system with 400 microns smooth finish for the parking areas and rough finish for the ramps which would be hardwearing, abrasion resistant and aesthetically good.

Fosroc proposed the whole system of Nitoflor FC150 with the primer, crack filler and antislip aggregates: (Nitoprime25 + 2 coats of Nitoflor FC150 with Antislip aggregates No 2) the same spec fitted exactly with Nitoflor FC150 system and this system was approved by the consultant.



Client and consultant were delighted by the quality of work and on time delivery. This project posed significant challenges as it is an important tourist attraction spot in Qatar.

Further, the client was impressed not only with our high quality solutions, but also with Fosroc technical support and professional project management. The ability to figure problems on site and provide solutions to the clients, whilst making sure of product quality was highly received by the client.