The 350m long, three-storey structure located along the city’s marina promenade, is an integral part of the street circuit’s infrastructure. While the building’s ground floor will eventually house 36 Formula One team garages for 12 teams on the ground floor, the second and third levels will feature race control facilities, the media centre, the winners’ podium and a Paddock Club large enough for up to 4,000 guests.

The structure with an estimated $33 million building cost has been designed to be simple yet modern and also environmentally sustainable.



Fosroc Singapore was among the invited list of suppliers to participate in the recommendation of waterproofing systems for this building and several solutions have been selected.

Our Green labeled waterproofing products, Brushbond FLXIII were applied at wet areas providing a seamless elastic waterproof membrane, and Nitoproof RS for coating on concrete façade with offers total resistance against damaging effect from the sun infra-red and ultra violet rays.

The contractor has also used Proofex Geomembrane – damp proofing sheets for ground structure and Nitoproof 600 for lift pits designed for horizontal and vertical surfaces. 



The protection systems are easy to apply, even at awkward positions, ensuring durable waterproof finish. This ease of application means these systems can be quickly installed with low maintenance required, makes them a cost-effective solution.

Participation in contributing towards the “Green Mark” awareness program in the local building community through certification of qualified “Green Label” products system.