The main request of this project was to provide a perfectly reliable support for the costly precision machinery during extension work at JM (José Mª Mendiola, S.A) facility, a company working closely with the industrial vehicle sector designing and machining large-scale parts.

Given the design and the particular characteristics of this large-scale anchoring system, the client did not hesistate to call on Fosroc, guided by the success of previous applications and our extensive experience in technical mortar development and hands on advice. 


Conbextra GV08 was recommended due to the significant thickness and volumes of the numerous anchoring systems, as well as to the mechanical requirements. 

The difficulty due to the great number of application points was further exacerbated by the reduced size available for pouring. The applicator was provided with a funnel dispenser specially designed for the purpose to adapt to the flow of different particle sizes, depending on what was being used, as Conbextra GV and Conbextra MF were also applied for variable but more regular thickness. 


The placing on site was favoured by the excellent free flow and high level of contact of Conbextra Grouts and to the early initial and final strengths enabling the installers to be quickly able to level the machine. 

The customer has yet again seen their production planning fulfilled and more importantly the expensive investment in new resources in his company strengthened.