Copassa established a precast yard to manufacture 800,000 sleepers for the Haramain High Speed Railway from Madeenah to Mecca, with a targeted total concrete quantity of around 150,000 cubic meters. The concrete specification required not less than 46Mpa after 24 hours with ultimate strength of 60 Mpa at 28 days, high early strength is required to enable utilising the precast beds more frequently allowing for higher productivity without having any impact on concrete integrity during placement.


Fosroc worked closely with the customer Copassa, the designer Dar and the client Saudi Railway organisation, the concrete specification was calling to meet European Norm of sleepers EN-13230-1-2009.

Fosroc ran lab and site trials for prolonged time to understand raw material performance, strength development, some changes had to take place due ingredients sources and utilizing steam curing rooms. Eventually, Fosroc managed to achieve 55Mpa after 24 hours 80 Mpa after 28 days using Structuro 510E (a modified PCE admixture) which was locally developed and customized to meet this specific case design criteria.


Working closely with the customer to understand their materials, provide and customise required solution helped the customer achieve and exceed projects requirements, moreover, developing one product solution helped the customer to better handle materials logistics and ensure proper dosing.

Structuro 510E helped Copassa to meet the project timeline and production levels, utilizing the available precast panels efficiently and achieve required strength in a very cost efficient manner.

This engagement introduced further support in mold release agents, concrete repairs and protective coating, moreover the client SRO recognised efforts done by Copassa in developing this solution by depending on reliable suppliers.