The Hali Dam is a gravity dam on Wadi Hali about 14km east Keyad in Makkah Province of south western Saudi Arabia. The dam has many purposes to include flood control, irrigation municipal water supply. The dam's reservoir has a total storage of 249,860,000m3, making it the second largest in the country after the King Fahad Dam. 

The Dam is 384m in length, 71m width at the base and 8m width at the top crest. 

The dam was constructed between 2003 - 2009 by Al-Dakheel Contracting Company. It is owned and operated by the Ministry of Water and Electricity. 


The Fosroc team joined the contractors from the beginning of the project and made all trials to achieve the requirement for the concrete. Fosroc products helped the client achieve the required high quality results starting from the first stage with Supercast waterstop, Rearguard S and coatings Nitobond EP, Nitoproof 10 along with more than 0.5 millions litres of Fosroc admixtures. 


The client benefited from being able to contract with a single party for the various types of construction demands, giving an economical solution that could be applied rapidly and to the required specification.