Dublin Airport is conducting a continuous program of maintenance to repair the seals between large airside concrete slabs. In order to avoid disruption to flights a rapid solution was required. The client also sought a robust and long term solution to reduce the need to reinstate old movement joints.


Fosroc proposed Thioflex 555 joint sealant, based on Fosroc’s proven Polysulphide technology and track record. It delivers a rapid return to service and is fully compatible with Fosroc’s joint filler boards and repair materials meaning that many more metres can be sealed in less time saving client’s valuable time and money.

Due to its high resilience and resistance to fuel and hydraulic fluid, Thioflex 555 is particularly suited to the airport environment. It is also resistant to stone/dirt pickup. Thioflex 555 is a two-part 1:1 mix ratio sealant and has a very flowable consistency, so it is easy and quick to apply. It also cures and performs very well at lower temperatures during its application.

A spray applied primer has been specially developed as part of this solution, making the whole system faster and giving a superior bond to the substrate, to ensure that slab movement will be easily accommodated.


Thioflex 555 delivered a rapid return to service for this project meaning the work was completed quickly and on time, avoiding potential flight disruptions. The DAA were completely satisfied with the Thioflex 555 solution applied at this airside project at Pier 2 in Dublin Airport, and are now using the system in other similar contracts at the airport.

The sealant which has CE certification to EN14188-2 and is also BS5212 certified, offers durable, long term performance, reducing maintenance costs.