The project objective is to cope with the increase of traffic demand in Delhi by expanding the mass rapid transportation system, thereby promoting regional economic development and improving urban environment, through mitigation of  traffic jams and decrease of pollution caused by increasing motor vehicles.

Delhi Metro is a world-class metro serving 140 stations. Built in three phases, the final phase saw 40 percent of the total metro network being underground. As the project is built on war footing bases, it requires waterproofing and also gas proofing properties.  With a tight schedule before hitting rainy season, the client required a waterproofing solution with fast curing properties with good abrasion and puncture resistance. Further requirements from the client were to provide a complete roof solution including the joints treatment waterproofing.  


Following the clients specifications and requirements Fosroc India provided the Polyurea WPE system, a fast setting, pure Polyurea elastomeric waterproof coating. The fast setting, adhesion, elongation properties was most suitable to be used in the roof area where landscape was supposed to come. The system was designed with different layers and the membrane is fully bonded with twin colour to the roof slabs. The twin colours helped the client to asses risk of puncture. In spite of system design installation, spraying in two colours was challenging, which helped the client to assess the risk of puncture.


Since the Fosroc Polyurea WPE Waterproofing system has no drying time which meant the main contractor could proceed with finishing works without delay. The waterproofing work is on-going with Polyurea WPE system at different station roof buildings and is already proven to be extremely versatile with wet weather conditions.