Energy demand in United Arab Emirates (UAE) was forecast to grow approximately 9% per annum from 2007 to 2020, with an estimated 41,000 megawatts per year required in 2020. In 2007, demand was approx. 13,000 MW. Currently, available energy sources (oil, gas, coal) were projected to be insufficient, too costly, and/or environmentally harmful to supply future needs.

Alternative and renewable energy sources was investigated but found to be insufficient for project power needs in the UAE. Nuclear power was accepted as the best option overall.  Three UAE government organisations have been established as part of the UAE Civil Nuclear Program.

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) - Abu Dhabi nuclear energy company to develop the nuclear program in Braka Nuclear Power Plant is the first nuclear power plant in the UAE. It will be located about 50km west of Ruwais. The Project site area is 794,413㎡ and planned to build 4 Power Plant Reactors. KEPCO (Korea Electric Company) is the prime contractor the UAE, reporting to the UAE Ministry of Presidential Affairs.


47,000 m2 water proofing system for substructure was required as per the specification. Fosroc specified Proofex PGP loose laid PVC waterproofing membrane system, which is loose laid with heat welded water tight joints. Proofex PGP was approved and applied successfully.


This project is of great significance as the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) UAE nuclear regulator and authority, in Abu Dhabi. International Advisory Board (IAB) are involved and are providing independent assessment of status and performance of the UAE nuclear program.