• Specification Engineer

  • Locations
  • Malaysia
  • Date
  • 2016-08-26
  • Job Type
  • Specification Engineer/ Manager
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Role Description

  • To present, promote, demonstrate and specify the company’s full range of products to Consultant Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, building owners either individually or in group.
  • To recommend the acceptance of invitations to tender, quote or bid for specific contracting jobs.
  • To execute and monitor the progress of each contracting work being undertaken to ensure its proper implementation, timely completion and profitability.
  • To help other sales colleagues in collection of trade debtors payment.
  • To ensure a high level of Fosroc products being specifics in new project tenders and high market penetration of company’s new product that are being introduce into the local market from time to time.
  • To collect and feedback basic market information particularly market trends and competitors activities in the Consultant circle.

Key Skills and Experiences

  • A Diploma / Degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent.
  • 3 years experience managing and promoting high specification industrial products.
  • 3 years working experience as a Specification/Sales Manager in the Building and Construction industry.
  • Can work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Demonstrable sound business judgement and the ability to promote ‘teamwork’ environment is desirable.

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